We cover a wide range of Photography, these include

*            Individual/Couple & Family Portraits
*            Newborn Portraits
*            Wedding Photography
*            Special Occasion Coverage
*            Commercial Photography
*            Event Photography
*            Wildlife Workshops
*            Landscape Workshops
*            Photographic Tours

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If you want us to run one in your Town or City do make contact and we'll arrange it.

Peter Directing Tania


We have been involved in the film industry now for 20 years. Peter moved from International sports Photography to Cinematography and is now doing work as Director of Photography on many independent films. As Director of Photography and Cinematographer he has worked on 8 Feature films to date plus numerous Short Films and Music Videos. Drawing on this experience he tutors in Film Making at our school. Peter has also Directed a number of films including one feature film. He has experienced the many different aspects of film making and is able to now share this knowledge with our students. We are making a number of films in the Stawell area this year, so there is hands on experience available, for our students. We encourage you to join us on an amazing journey of storytelling.


Got yourself a new camera, and not sure what all the bells and whistles are for?

We've been tutoring in Photography or almost 24 years now.

Introduce yourself to the  buttons on your camera and what they are for and launch yourself from a point and shoot photographer  to having more understanding of your lighting,  composition, and environment. Unleash the creative photographer inside you!

If you know your way around your camera, but are wanting  to branch out or brush up on a certain area of photography, pop in and talk to us about your requirements. We can help you too.

We cater for group and individual lessons. We offer night courses or by day and in weekends. If you are wanting Intermediate or Advanced lessons, contact us, we are happy to accommodate.

We also tutor in Film Making, starting from the very basics through to advanced.

If you are looking to be the next Steven Spielberg, George Lucas or Peter Jackson, we can help get you on your way. We can take you step by step through the film making process and give you a good grounding of what to expect on set. 

We also have, from time to time, short films that require individuals to help. We invite any of our students to come and assist on set, so that they can receive, that much needed, hands on experience for gaining credits and a show reel. We also cover story writing through to production, post production  plus editing and distribution. Whether it's short film, documentary or feature feature film we can help.





With our computer work, we cover such things as:

*      Design of Logos, Letterheads, Business Cards, Brochures, Rack Cards, Cards, Postcards, Greeting Cards
*      Website Design
*      Photo Restoration, Scanning of Slides and Old Photos

If there is something you would like done, and are unsure weather it is something we do, pop in to see us or contact us. We are only too happy to try and accommodate your requirements.

Services you may not realise we do:

*        Corporate video work
*        Music Videos
*        Documentaries
*        Remote Tutoring
*        Photo Workshops
*        DSLR Sensor cleaning
*        Photo Tours
*        Event Photography
*        We sell our images
*        Photo Books



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