We have been involved in the film industry now for 16 years. Peter moved from International sports Photography to Cinematography and is now doing work as Director of Photography on many independent films. As Director of Photography and Cinematographer he has worked on 7 Feature films to date plus numerous Short Films and Music Videos. Drawing on this experience he tutors in Film Making at our school. Peter has also Directed a number of films including one feature film. He has experienced the many different aspects of film making and is able to now share this knowledge with our students. We are making a number of films again this year, so there is hands on experience available, for our students. We encourage you to join us on an amazing journey of storytelling.

Peter & Vincent

Peter Cannon with Photographer/Film Maker and Pulitzer Prize winner Vincent Larfore.


Cine Fest 2



A Town called Dead

Our big western feature film which is in the style of the classic spaghetti westerns of director Sergio Leone is still a couple of years off shooting. 'A Town called Dead', is an epic adventure that has it all, romance, drama, lots of conflict and some big heart. You won't want to miss this film. Shooting in Arizona and New Mexico in the USA.

Lest we Forget Poster#2

In July 2016 we shoot our ANZAC tribute film entitled 'Lest we Forget'. A story about two cousins who grew up together and now with the advent of World War two, Sam is heading to the front, but first he has to tell Brin and she is not going to be happy. Set in 1941

What lies Within-poster
What Lies Within is a short film looking deep into the subconscious to try and understand how we can be affected by our fears when they become amplified. The story of a young couple engaged to be married, when an event in their life creates a huge fear of the potential tragic results. Will they overcome this tragedy or will fear drive them apart. I would describe this film as a Psychological Thriller. Some very creative use of light and sound will make this story come to life. 

Jimmy 2x Fest

The film Jimmy which Peter was Director of Photography has been accepted in to a number of International film festivals. This is an emotional and moving true story about an Aboriginal elder whose story needed to be told. Through this film he has been given a voice. Written and Directed by Nathan Itter from Melbourne. We have submitted to 15 International film festivals and it has been accepted for the Los Angeles Cine Fest where it is a finalist. Also accepted to play at the Hollywood Boulevard Film Fest. 

 13243920_972271466226213_4711485702703636679_o (1)

Link to the trailer for the film unpredictABLE that Peter was Director of Photography on. This film is completed and has been accepted to play in Four International film festivals so far. These are the San Fransisco Film Fest, he FILM MARKET of Palm Springs Short Film Fest, the "Jehlum Short & Long Film Festival". in India and the 'NEAR NAZARETH FILM FESTIVAL', in ISRAEL.