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With over 40 years experience in Photography and 20 years in the film industry, Peter has a lot to share. It is his desire to pass this knowledge on, in an easy to understand and informative way. This will give you a better understanding of your camera and other equipment so that you can get the best out of what you have.

Nicci & Peter are new to the Stawell region of Rural Victoria. In starting this business they are committed to creating an informative and fun environment for students to explore their creative side and discover 'The Artist Within'.










Nicci comes from a family rich in Artistry, with her Grandmother, Mother and Sister all accomplished Artists in New Zealand. Nicci does a lot of the creative design work in Studio and is herself quite the Photographer, with a special interest in Wildlife. At present she is putting together her 'Intimate Feathers', series of Photographic works which will be showcased in our gallery once completed.


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We tutor young and old. You are never too old to learn! We hope you take the time to explore your creativity in one form or another. We run a huge number of very affordable courses and workshops which offer an opportunity to find out more about telling your story through various media options. We also run tutoring workshops for Adobe and Apple software. Whether you are wanting to touch up your skills or starting afresh, we've got something to suit. So we encourage any one of any age to give something creative a go. We specialise in Photography and Film. info@cannondigi.com 

If you want to explore creativity, we can help to 'Make it Happen'.  Just make contact as we're here to help you explore and learn!


Email to book a class, or, check out our work.


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